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Tenby Wright

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Tenby Wright

Tenby Wright

Hello! This is my story.

I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Art History. I worked in the entertainment business for a few years in band management and some film production. Soon, I was introduced to the field of outside Sales and was excited to have the ability to make as much money as I could, selling products. I sold telecommunication services, yellow pages advertising and food to restaurants during my life.

My husband and I started a metal art business when we were first married in Sedona, Az. We also opened and ran a small restaurant in the California Gold Country for a few years.

We moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area where I grew up and became an Assistant Admissions Director at the Art Institute in San Francisco where I worked with potential students on their path to higher education in the arts. The school closed and I went back to work in the food industry being a server in high-end restaurants. I also ran a dog walking business for 2 years. I completed the MMS Northern California Life Coaching program and I’m currently growing my coaching business.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a career gypsy. I have always been open to trying new things but wish I could have had some coaching help early on to understand more about what my true interests were.  Coaching would have also helped me know where I had hidden fears, and it would have helped me build the confidence to really follow my dreams.

Besides Life Coaching I am learning to be a foster parent to help teens in crisis. I’ve had some good practice raising 3 daughters, one step daughter and extra teens that needed more support than they were getting in their homes. If we can help our young feel strong and supported, we’d all do better on this planet. That’s why I want to work with young women who want to be leaders, business owners, and bosses so they can feel empowered about their choices.

What inspires me...

My biggest obstacle in life has probably been a lack of ``SELF`` confidence. I have a lot of ``outward`` confidence but I often have felt insecure about my abilities and have let others shine. It was sort of like standing in the ``wings`` and watching others win. Coaching has helped me overcome this!

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