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Sarah Persitz

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Sarah Persitz

Hello! This is my story.

My professional path has had some interesting stops along the way to becoming a coach. I spent the first ten years of my career working in political advocacy and global between two organizations based in the Bay Area. The work was exciting and intense. We were always in go mode and really worked like a family together with our volunteers, making it really special work experience.

After so long in politics and fundraising, I decided it was time to try my hand at something new and was really yearning to be more independent so I started a matchmaking app with my best friend, Bubby. Running a dating company was definitely an adventure, and one that taught me a lot about life, love and friendship. The company didn’t last but it reminded me that I could forge my own path and encouraged me to continue on the entrepreneurial path despite feeling like I’d failed with my first company.

As Bubby closed, I launched a consulting practice supporting early stage nonprofits and startups figure out how to tell their story, fundraise and implement processes for growth. Over time I realized that the part about my job that I really loved was the coaching. That’s not what I was being hired for, but it’s the role that I always took on – and it was the role I loved!

So last year I followed my dream of becoming a coach and joined The MMS Institute of Northern California training program and today have launched my own coaching company to support women on their personal journeys.

The reason I want to volunteer as a GEM coach is because I believe we all benefit from having support on our journeys. I especially believe it’s important for women to support women – and for older generations to lift up and empower the next generation because the world needs your voices.

What inspires me...

I’m also passionate about this work because the biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome was a background of poverty and instability. Nothing was guaranteed – nor even expected because there was no example to follow. I had to learn how to forge my own path and create a new future for myself and am grateful to have had mentorship, coaches and friends along the way to support that journey. Today I live in Tel Aviv with my husband and hope to get back to the Bay Area soon!

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