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Michele Sutherland

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Michele Sutherland

Hello! This is my story.

At the age of 17, wanting to take on the world, I joined the United States Air Force.  Fast forward to July 2014, after 26 years of service and 10 locations I called home, it was time to take off the Uniform and discover what civilian life was all about.

I am originally from New York but decided to retire in Las Vegas where my last military assignment was based.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do next, but I was enjoying my new-found freedom and free time. Oooh and naps, I discovered the beauty of naps on a lazy afternoon, delightful!  

Then, a friend introduced me to a position in her company, in the Security Industry and I thought I found my second career. This field was challenging and exciting but I soon realized it was not what I was meant to do.

After 2 years of ignoring that little voice inside of my head, I resigned from my position. Then, I began a journey of self-discovery and I decided to become a Life Coach. Why did I want to be a Life Coach?  I have a desire and a talent for inspiring and motivating others.  I am most inspired and fulfilled when I’ve helped someone discover their inner strength and I’ve helped them to identify and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of meeting goals and living their best life.

The opportunity to coach a GEM is appealing because I have seen how the lack of confidence, self-esteem, or just not knowing yourself can affect the path of your life.  I want to create a place where my GEM can feel safe and comfortable; a place where she can discover her strengths, explore her choices, and be confident in her future.

What inspires me...

The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome was not loving myself. Not loving myself led to choosing a spouse that was abusive, several not so great choices, depression, missing out on life, and a lot of pain. Learning to love myself has brought me peace, happiness, and the desire to discover and enjoy every moment life has to offer. Best of all, it has given me a strong desire to help others overcome anything that is in their way of success.

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