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Lynn Kohler

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Lynn Kohler

Hello! This is my story.

I am Lynn Kohler, wife, mother, stepmother, daughter, sister, and Life Coach.  I am passionate about life and truly believe that everything is possible! I have two grown daughters and a son just starting college. 

I have spent 30+ years working as an Executive Assistant and “right hand” to CEOs and senior-level executives. Embracing this role has placed me on the front line of multiple industries and businesses, interacting professionally with people around the world. Looking beyond the present, thinking strategically, connecting the dots, listening to what is being said . . . and identifying what isn’t being said . . . are key skills needed to excel in this role. At the core of this work has always been my desire to partner with individuals to help them achieve their objectives. 

I did not find coaching, coaching found me . . .  It was several years ago when I was attending a powerful self-discovery workshop that I recognized my true calling. It happened when I witnessed life coaches supporting participants in their raw vulnerability endeavor to transform their lives and choose what they wanted for themselves, in some cases making such choices for the first time. I pursued formal training through the MMS Institute and earned my Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation.

The reason I am interested in coaching teens and young adults is I believe it is an ideal time in life to learn about empowerment, finding your voice and developing a lifelong practice of self-care. I would have benefited greatly from this when I was younger, and it is my way of giving back and supporting a mission that I believe in. 

In my spare time I love to be near the ocean, cook, read and hike. I am also passionate about music.

What inspires me...

Probably the greatest obstacle I have overcome is experiencing traumatic loss when someone I loved very much committed suicide. I felt completely shattered and had to work hard to process my grief and feelings of guilt to move forward.

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