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Lindsey Taylor

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Lindsey Taylor

Hello! This is my story.

At 23 I became a single mother of twin girls and quickly had to use my intelligence, fortitude, wisdom, and intuition to create a happy and solid life for them. My career paths were varied. My biggest challenge and accomplishment was owning and operating an award-winning restaurant in Prescott, Arizona. I loved and enjoyed the opportunity of managing a staff of 35, marketing, cooking, buying, and analyzing complex situations but with heart and vulnerability. I realized in me, a new skill set and the ability to be flexible and handle any situation that is given to me.

I sold the restaurant and landed in Portland, Oregon. When the quiet set in, I started suffering from PTSD from sexual assaults that had happened earlier in my life. I went through a hard, lonely, and dark period where I was unable to work but I did get to spend lots of time with my children and giving back to the community as a board member of The Ronald McDonald House Charities and as a volunteer for the District attorney’s office as a Rape Victims Advocate.

After my kids left for college, I found myself again at a crossroads, an opportunity to shift, grow, and create a new life. I moved back to Marin County where I was raised, reconnected with old friends, and set out to find love. I met and married a Frenchman. I lived in France with him for 2 years and we decided together to take coach training at The MMS Institute in Holland.

What inspires me...

The coach training was the catalyst I needed to find my voice, breakthrough old patterns and belief systems, and to reframe my experience to be a survivor of abuse instead of a victim. This mental shift transformed the way I saw myself. I learned how to let go of the pain of the past and see it as something that happened to me, and not let it define who I was. Working with people now to help them find their voice, to see how strong they are, and that they are capable of anything, is what I believe I am here to do. Coaching is my passion, my superpower, and my path and I am happy to share it.

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