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Brenda Litzinger

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Brenda Litzinger

Brenda Litzinger

Hello! This is my story.

I started my career in San Francisco where I worked in several art galleries and museums—the most formative was a stint at a museum about Walt Disney. It was a magical place filled with imagination and big-picture thinking. After opening several special exhibitions there, I felt pulled to try something new. 

My pivot was to an experience design agency. There, I managed small teams of designers to deliver interactive products and services to clients from industries like software, solar, and finance. It was an exciting environment and a crash course in business.

After a decade in SF, I took a cross-country road trip that led me to settle in the LA area, where I returned to the museum field—managing the curation, design, and build of new exhibitions and immersive spaces focused on topics like ecology, social justice, and play.

By 2019, I was ready for my next adventure and co-founded an immersive design studio with a like-minded friend from SF. Our first project is a location-based game that emphasizes prosocial behavior and the psychology of why we love cute things. The Cuteiverse™ will launch shortly after themed attractions reopen in California. 

In addition to my recent foray into entrepreneurship, I became drawn to professional coaching. This year, I’ve worked with 20 clients as they design their unique paths forward. Some are focused on their careers, while others are taking the time to know themselves more deeply. What they all share is a creative outlook and desire to blend success with wellbeing. My practice, which offers a series of thought-provoking conversations, supports this journey.

The reason I want to partner with the Girls Equity Movement is because I’m inspired by young women, especially those driven to lead and innovate. As a coach, I believe that your life is your masterpiece, and I’m honored to support you as it continues to take shape.

In my free time, you can find me hanging out in my beachside neighborhood with my partner. We love live music, comedy, and travelling. Ultimately, I believe that life is fun, leisure is valuable, and art is courageous.

What inspires me...

Doubt. For as many supporters as I’ve had, I’ve encountered my fair share of naysayers too. Often, they’ve gotten in my head and made me second-guess my dreams. Today, I’m happy to report that I bring a confident and can-do attitude to everything I commit to.

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